Amenity Center Opening Delayed

Fellow Residents of Triple Creek;

This message is to inform everyone that the Amenity Center opening to the community is unfortunately delayed. The “Grand Opening” event scheduled for tomorrow by the landowner Greenpointe in conjunction with the three builders is still taking place as scheduled. They are operating on a temporary certificate of occupancy (C/O) and temporary clearance from the Health Dept.

Over the past 24 hours myself and other members of the TC CDD, Rizzetta, Greenpointe and the Clubhouse Manager Dawn have met both in person and virtually to discuss numerous roadblocks to be being able to successfully open the Hammock Club and amenities. In layman’s terms, the facility simply is not ready to be opened. I conducted a full walk through this morning with Dawn, Greg and Robert to see the issues in person as a resident TC CDD board member. I will try to explain in the following brief bullets:

  • Spectrum has not yet connected us to the grid, meaning we have no access control capabilities, no security system and no camera capabilities. Therefore, there is no way to effectively manage access even if the rest of the facility were 100% ready to go and cleared, which it is not. This means the only way to secure the facility and fences/gates is with cable and locks. We want our facility properly secured and access control properly executed to make sure that only residents are using it. If we left it open, I am sure you can all imagine the potential for misuse, damage, vandalism and theft. None of us can accept that risk.
  • The County has not issued the final C/O in lieu of some final construction work being finished. If you drive out there, you’ll see the sidewalk and curbing has been torn up and there are parking lot striping issues.
  • The Health Dept is processing a variance on our lap pool before they will issue a final C/O.
  • Access locks were not ready to go for the basketball and tennis courts.
  • Signage is still not completed or redone as needed. This is important to be able to advertise rules consistent with the 1st Amenity Center to include age limitations, not going inside the Amenity Center, gym or kids’ playroom while wet, etc.
  • There are still some minor landscaping issues that need to be cleared up.

I know that this is NOT the message anyone including myself wants to hear, but I assure you that this is the right thing to do. After talking with all parties involved, the earliest estimate I can give is two weeks before Spectrum and their engineers are done. I will be frank and state that two weeks is an optimistic outlook.

I know the concern in the community over Saturday’s event is still present and this news will only likely enhance that, but please know that event was something that we as a community or as the CDD had no input on or control over. I encourage you to head out there tomorrow, enjoy the food trucks, rock wall, bouncy house, and tour the facility yourselves.

On a positive closing note I will say, the entire facility, furniture, gym equipment, kids’ playroom, bathrooms, etc. are FANTASTIC. Once we clear these hurdles, this frustration will be easily forgotten and the wait will be worth it.